5 Typical FAQs On Negative Keywords That You Might Be Looking For

5 Typical FAQs On Negative Keywords That You Might Be Looking For
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Many often we heard people avoiding the use of negative keywords in their PPC campaign. As per their opinion, negative keywords have nothing to do with brand conversions and lead generations. Hence, wasting money and effort on incorporating them in the ad campaign is of no meaning.

Guys, it’s true that negative keywords have nothing to do with conversions and lead generations. But to gather the right traffic and to narrow down the sales funnel, negative keywords have key importance. That’s the reason why experts highly prefer to choose these keywords while offering the best PPC management services in Delhi or any other region.

Are you interested in negative keywords for your PPC campaign? Go through the following FAQs to learn more about them in detail.

5 Common FAQs on Negative Keywords

1.      What are negative keywords?

Negative keywords are a set of keywords that may not work directly for the PPC campaign but have a great impact on its success. These keywords allow advertisers to filter out the wrong audience and reach out to those who are actually interested in your brand and products. This happens based on the search queries.

2.      Why it is good to use negative keywords?

Suppose you are running your ad on Google. Google is the largest search engine where billions of searches are made every day. So many users and a single ad, make the overall process much more effective in no time.

Now, it is quite obvious that not everyone viewing your ad is likely to perform any kind of action around your brand. To ensure that the ad is not displayed to the wrong audience, incorporating negative keywords is very necessary. Not just you prevent your ads from displaying to irrelevant searches, you can save money on wasted clicks and reduce the overall efforts for the process.

3.      What are the benefits of using negative keywords for a PPC campaign?

Unlike normal keywords, negative keywords have a few set of benefits that you actually can’t avoid.They are effective and at the same time profitable for your PPC campaign, irrespective of the platform you choose.

Negative keywords have a tendency of increasing the click-through rates of the ad. This helps to boost the overall Quality Score of the campaign and provides a long-lasting impact on it. Though the inclusion of negative keywords reduces the volume of traffic, it attracts the right audience and converts them into valuable customers. By eliminating the search queries that don’t make any sense for the campaign, it is easy to increase the relevance of the primary keywords, turning the overall campaign into a worthwhile process.

4.      What is the best time to perform negative keywords research?

Despite learning the importance of negative keywords, people struggle to incorporate them in the campaign properly. This is because they hesitate when researching the negative keywords for the campaign.

Guys, there is nothing called the best time for researching and incorporating negative keywords in your PPC campaign. But of course, there are some common scenarios when people usually use them.

Experts research negative keywords before starting with their PPC campaign. They have strong research for all irrelevant searches and list down the keywords that can help you saving money for the wasted clicks.

The moment the campaign is live you can have negative keyword research to ensure that the ad is matched against the irrelevant searches. You can do it by getting the search query reports for keywords offering high impressions and a good number of clicks. You can even make a routine of analyzing the performance on weekly basis.

5.      How to sort out the negative keywords?

Many times we find people looking for ways to sort out the negative keywords in a proper way. You can do this with respect to two factors – relevancy and search volume. The moment you get the list of negative keywords suggestions, you just need to choose the keywords from the top, as they have a great impact on the overall campaign. You can even make use of free keyword research tools that allow users to research the negative and primary keywords relevant to the business niche.


Negative keywords are thus a major concept that needs special attention for running a PPC campaign. If you have any other queries, you can get in touch with the agencies offering white label services on PPC marketing. Just get back to them and find the concern.