6 Space-Saving Tips for Your Home

6 Space-Saving Tips for Your Home
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Whether you run a busy household or live in a small house or flat, you should look for effective ways to save space within the home. While it might be easier said than done, there are various things you can do to improve functionality whilst creating a stylish environment.


Small rooms can often provide limitations for interior designs;shelving can change the way a room looks and feel. Instead of hiding away all your beautiful trinkets and photo frames, you can now showcase them on beautiful shelving, which you can incorporate on selected walls within a living room. Websites such as Pinterest are filled with so many wonderful shelving ideas you can use within your home, so take a look for some design inspiration.

Bar Stools

Don’t have a dining room? Not a problem. Instead of eating your breakfast on the sofa, you can incorporate stylish bar stools into your kitchen, which will provide you with a different environment to dine within the home. There are some beautiful bar stool colours available that can complement both traditional and contemporary kitchens.


A bookshelf might take up a fair bit of space, but it also serves as a great storage facility. Instead of leaving books here, there and everywhere, or hiding personal items away in drawers, you can store them all in one place, whilst creating a stylish focal point within the home. The storage option is also incredibly versatile, as you can incorporate this fantastic piece of furniture into a living room, kitchen or bedroom, depending on your taste and space.

Mount a TV

Instead of taking up space with a TV stand, mount your TV onto a wall to improve functionality within your home. A mounted TV also looks effortlessly stylish and will easily become the focal point in a room – so it is an ideal way to relax in your living room or bedroom.

Utilise Your Alcoves

Do you have a bedroom with a small alcove? If so, utilise the space by incorporating a desk to create a home office or dressing area. You could also use this space to store a stylish bookcase. For smaller alcoves, use the little area to store away home essentials, such as an ironing board or a clothes horse.

Storage Bench

If you are sick and tired of tripping over shoes in your hallway, purchase a storage bench that will allow you to store visitors’ footwear, umbrellas, bags or hats in the handy cubby holes. You can even add a bench cushion onto a small storage bench so guests have a place to sit when putting their shoes back on before they leave.

You might not realize this, but your small home or flat has so much space-saving potential, you just need to find it. Don’t be afraid to be a little creative to improve functionality within your home. Walk around your property to identify opportunities to hang items, introduce storage essentials or feature shelving or bookcases.