Create Food Blog That Makes Money: Powerful Beginner Guide

Create Food Blog That Makes Money: Powerful Beginner Guide

Are you one of those people who like to explore opportunities in the science of food?

You may have also considered imparting tips to the younger generations to keep the recipes alive.

I know that you have the necessary tips and instructions on how an amateur can become an expert in preparing delicious foods.

But, can blogging and giving tips make money?

Through this article, I will be giving you essential tips to Create Food Blog or start a food blog in 2021, how to write useful food blog posts, get traffic on your food blog, and some bonus tips.

Why should I start a Food Blog?

Following are the crucial reasons why you should start and Create Food Blog:

  1. You have a great passion for food – You like shooting videos and clicking photos of the food you cook and eat. Even when you go to eat outside, your main subject for the image is food, not your friends.
  2. You want to earn alongside cooking – This can be the main reason why you want to blog in the first place. It is vital to make money while you cook (For arranging funds).
  3. Writing the cookbook – If you are a food enthusiast, then you probably have this in mind. Writing a cookbook benefits you in the long run.
  4. Developing your branding – When you publish your content on the Internet, people recognise as a competitive foodie. Eventually, you become famous with some little efforts and patience.
  5. Understanding your development by writing – You should that by doing some writing work, you will understand your flaws (where you are committing mistakes).
  6. Educating the masses and social deeds – This social motive comes free when you start a food blog. People will praise you for educating them with your unique tips.
  7. Writing and practising cooking – Starting this habit is a bit pesky. However, when you get accustomed to it, you will recognise that not only written content is essential, but photos are compulsory on a food blog.

How to Create Food Blog Step by Step Guide

Now, let me guide you step by step how to start food blog and make money.

Buy a Matching Domain Name

The first step, of course, is to buy a matching domain name.

The domain name selection depends on these two factors:

  1. If you’re famous, then select your name as the domain.
  2. If you’re skilled in a cooking technique or cuisine, then create a unique domain name matching such skill.

Choose the best Web Hosting Plan

The next step to Create Food Blog is to select a web hosting plan.

This is very important since after making a website, you need to make it live with a service.

These are my personal web hosting preferences:

  1. For free Hosting – GoogieHost
  2. For paid hosting
  3. YouStable
  4. InterServer
  5. A2 Hosting
  6. Kamatera
  7. FastComet

For purchasing a web hosting, go to these websites, and select a plan as per your budget and preferences.

Googiehost also running black Friday web hosting sales, you can get huge discount up to 90% on this session.

Remember that as a food blogger, you should be looking for these benefits:

  • SSD Hosting for a faster responsive site and less downtime
  • SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) for making your site appear on Google
  • WordPress Support and Optimisation
  • LiteSpeed Cache for making the site light

Install WordPress

The next step is to Create Food Blog is to install WordPress through your Web Host service.

There are three ways to do this:

  1. Doing it Yourself (DIY)
  2. Asking your web host to help you install WordPress
  3. Purchasing a Managed WordPress Hosting (Heavy Price but more support)


After purchasing the hosting service, you can install WordPress using Softaculuous one-click installer from cPanel or DirectAdmin.

H3: Find and install the best Food WordPress theme

After installing WordPress, the next crucial step is selecting a Food WordPress Theme using the free themes gallery.

  1. Login to your WordPress account.
  1. Go to the Appearance section > Click Add New Theme.
  1. Search for Food
  1. Select a theme.
  1. Install the theme you like after previewing it.

Set up your Google Search Console, Webmaster Tools

To Create Food Blog, you should also be using Google Search Console (Google), and Webmaster Tools(Microsoft), you can make your site appear on the search engines – Google and Bing.

Google Search Console

  1. Visit Google Search Console> Click Start Now.
  1. Log in with your Google account. (If you do not have any, then make it)
  1. Click on Add Property > Add Property.
  1. Now Enter your domain name in this marked red box:
  1. Verify your ownership by following the instructions.
  1. After verifying, it will look like this > Google has linked your domain (See red box)
  1. Now, you will be able to see the performance of your website on Google Search.

H4: Webmaster Tools

The steps are nearly the same form using the webmaster’s tool.

  1. Visit Bing Webmasters Tool.
  2. Sign in to your Microsoft account. (If you do not have any then make it)
  3. From user dashboard, click Add a Site > You can use either of these two methods to add your website here.

You can either import your Googler Search Console settings here or add manually. (Use import method for quick settings)

Follow the instructions to add your website here.

Write your first post!

After configuring all the settings (Create Food Blog), its time to write your first post.

  1. From WordPress Dashboard > Click New (See red box) > Post
  1. Write your post > Click Publish.

How to get traffic to your Food Blog?

For earning money out of your blog, you must attract traffic from the Internet.

Some tips for getting traffic:

  • Write original content.
  • Do not plagiarise content.
  • Collaborate with different brands and food celebs
  • Use affiliate marketing
  • Use SEO practices

You can view here a complete list of how you can increase traffic on the WordPress Blog.

Top 5 Best Food Blogs to Follow on Instagram

I am listing below these 5 Amazing food blogs, which you must follow on Instagram for tips and tricks on food blogging.

These all are the highest-paid food bloggers and know well how to monetise a food blog.

#1 @foodgod – Jonathan Cheban
#2 @fuminokimura_official – Fumino Kimura
#3 @skinnytaste – Gina Homolka
#4 @deliciouslyella – Ella Mills
#5 @smittenkitchen – Deb Perelman