Exploring the Natural Wonders on Kauai

Exploring the Natural Wonders on Kauai
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As the fourth largest island within the Hawaiian archipelago, Kauai has been all too often underrated as a tropical vacation getaway. Even though Kauai is lush and among the most beautiful islands anywhere on earth, it has hidden far too long in the shadow of the Big Island. If you are looking for an island retreat where there is an abundance of natural wonders to explore yet plenty of nightlife to keep you entertained, this is one vacation spot you should seriously consider. It is surprising just how much there is to see and do here in this lesser known island paradise.

The Wettest Place on the Planet

Actually, Kauai is considered to be the lushest of all the Hawaiian Islands and is also the location of the wettest place on the entire planet, often referred to as the Pacific’s “Grand Canyon,” Waimea Canyon. This region gets more than 450” average inches of precipitation annually and this is a very good reason why it earned this reputation. It is well known that Kauai has some spectacular natural sights and has the particular distinction of also having a pristine beach that is unrivaled anywhere.

Spectacular Sights and Spacious Villas

The name of this beach is Poipu and the sand is said to be snow white with ocean waters that are clear turquoise. When visiting Kauai, you might like to rent villas in Poipu such as those at Koloa Landing near the beach to get in enough R&R in between excursions farther afield to get a good view of the spectacular sights you can expect to see. With spacious villas, the largest on the island, you can truly sit back and relax and literally let life pass you by while enjoying amazing waterfalls before wandering around the lagoons.

Fun for All Ages at Poipu Beach

Poipu Beach on Kauai is quite the destination for families because there are shallow pools for young children who simply want to wade but there are enough crests to ride to satisfy the surfer mentality of older teens. At Poipu Beach Park there is a lifeguard on duty for those who aren’t quite as adventurous and would like to enjoy some fun in the sun under the watchful eyes of a professional lifeguard. Poipu Beach is rated as a 5 star location for families with young kids, ideal if you are looking for a place where parents can get a much needed rest while stepping out in the evenings for a bit of entertainment. In fact, if you ask around, you just might find an authentic luau to attend while the kids stay behind with a sitter.

Truly there are few places on earth where the climate is more moderate than Kauai or few places with scenes as breathtakingly lovely as those on Kauai. This year plan a tropical vacation on an island as close to paradise as you’ll ever get. Explore the natural wonders of Kauai and you’ll experience the vacation of a lifetime while seeing amazing sights unlike any you’ll ever see no matter how far abroad you travel.