Garden Remodeling for Gloucestershire Village Homes

Garden Remodeling for Gloucestershire Village Homes
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Those who want to move out from the city need look no further than the glorious villages in the Home Counties. Of course, village properties within commuting distance of London are becoming more and more out of the financial reach of most. But with modern home-based working and faster broadband becoming more widely available, the more affordable villages of Gloucestershire and other further-out counties are becoming a more viable option.

Living out in the country certainly does not mean a little two-up, two-down next to a busy road, though, and many villages boast a considerable number of large luxury properties. Properties tend to have larger plots and ample opportunity for budding landscape gardeners to display their individual style.

Automatic Gates

Kerb appeal is everything and of course the first thing guests will see on the approach to your property is the driveway. According to the Telegraph, automatic gates in Gloucestershire Villages are becoming the latest aspirational accessory.

Of course, it is essential to get a good designer that works with the basic requirements of a gate to keep people and animals in or out but then produces something to your individual taste. Reliability is obviously essential, and companies pride themselves in offering a maximum 48-hour fault-fixing service.

Garden Design

Once you get inside the gates, you need to decide what you want your garden to do. Do you need a relaxing adult space with manicured edges? A child-friendly space for football and trampolines? Or perhaps an extension to the house for entertaining and outdoor catering? There is no shortage of landscape specialists who will offer not only a fantastic design service but also maintenance programmes to keep your garden looking amazing.

Recommendation is often the best way of finding a suitable service, and often looking for a local supplier will offer you better service in the long run. Some ‘designer’ garden services can be very much in vogue and offer stunning layouts, but when it comes to knowledge of planting success and which flowers and shrubs to protect from local weather conditions, a company from the area will always be able to help.

Improving the outside space will not only increase your enjoyment of your house, but done properly it will also increase the property’s value.