Instructions for Decorating “Pumpkin” Lanterns for Halloween

Instructions for Decorating “Pumpkin” Lanterns for Halloween
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Pumpkins with faces depicted with mysterious faces or Jack-ó-lanterns pumpkin lanterns have been one of the indispensable decoration accessories on Halloween night. To save money on decorating your space or party, instead of buying expensive accessories, you can also make unique pumpkin lanterns yourself. This article will guide you to decorate “Pumpkin” lanterns for a very beautiful, unique, and cost-effective Halloween.

How to make and Decorate Halloween Pumpkin Lanterns

To organize and decorate a party or a certain space to celebrate Halloween, you can also make your funny pumpkin lights with the way to make Halloween pumpkin lights below.

Materials to prepare:

  • 1 large yellow pumpkin
  • Pruning tools include: 1 long sharp knife, 1 sharp knife, or small saw
  • Spoon for scooping, scraping
  • Markers
  • String lights and 1 small bottle.


Step 1: First, you need to wash the pumpkin and dry it with a towel. Next, use a marker to draw a circle on the bottom of the pumpkin as shown and use a sharp knife or saw to cut a circle.

Use a sharp knife to cut along the drawn circle

Step 2: After you have cut the circle on the bottom of the fruit, use a spoon to scrape the inside of the pumpkin so that it is thinner and has more area. Note, do not leave the intestines inside of the pumpkin and it will spoil very quickly.

Step 3: Next, you can unleash your creativity and draw creative funny shapes at your discretion. For example, human face, smiling devil face, etc. Or you can buy photo stickers for decoration. Remember to use smart discount codes and coupons on Halloween to save money when buying.

Step 4: Now you just need to use a sharp knife to trim along the lines drawn to create the desired shape on the pumpkin. As for the ink, you can use alcohol to wipe it off.

Step 5: Finally, use a candle or small lamp to put it in the pumpkin and light it up in the dark.

How to make Halloween pumpkins out of paper

If you can’t find big yellow pumpkins, you can also use colorful cardboard to make lights and decorate Halloween pumpkins with paper.

Method 1:

Materials to prepare:

  • Color paper
  • Scissors, glue
  • Tools for punching holes
  • Torsion springs
  • Tape


Step 1: To make a Halloween pumpkin folding with paper, first take the colored paper and then fold the paper in half. Then follow using scissors to cut into 13 spokes (can be more or less) about 1-2cm wide each.

Note: To make the paper pumpkin look like and match the Halloween night best, remember to use orange paper.

Step 2: Next, use a punch tool and punch a small hole in the spine of the paper (double fold. Then, continue to punch at the opening, do the same as the picture.

Step 3: Continue to open the paper spokes and then take the spring wire between the stacked paper spokes and fix them.

Step 4: After you have fixed the spokes, circularly spread the spokes and then use adhesive tape to fix them.

Step 5: Thread the spring wire into each spoke in order from left to right to form a circle like a pumpkin

Step 6: Finally, you use the blue paper to cut two more leaves for the pumpkin. Punch two holes at the top of the leaf and then thread the spring wire into the two holes to fix and shape the pumpkin and you’re done!

Method 2:

Materials to prepare:

  • Hard A4 paper with colors: orange, green, black, white
  • Ribbon coil
  • Glue, glue
  • Drag
  • Some other necessary tools


Step 1: First, fold the orange paper in half and then use a pencil to draw curves so that when unfolded they have the shape of a pumpkin. Then, use scissors to cut the drawn pencil lines.

Step 2: The basic shape of the pumpkin has been created. Then, you use scissors to cut the white paper into small rectangular pieces to make the teeth for the pumpkin.

Step 3: Next, take black paper and use scissors to cut half a large circle to make the mouth, 2 small circles to make the pupils of the eyes. Cut the green paper into petioles according to the length and length you want. Do the same as shown below.

Step 4: After you have the parts of the pumpkin, you use glue to fix these parts. Depending on your creativity and humor, you can create a face shape for a pumpkin. Pumpkin cute or ferocious is up to your dexterity. Don’t forget to stick the green stalk on top of the squash.

Step 5: Finally, make a circular hole in the stem, then secure with a golden ribbon and attach them where you want.

In addition to the three ways to decorate the Halloween pumpkin guided above, readers can also draw Halloween pumpkins on paper and then cut or make different ways of making Halloween toys with paper to decorate the party. Or if you are not good at doing it, don’t worry, find yourself beautiful pumpkin feather lights to decorate.

On Halloween, there will be many promotions, discount codes, and attractive coupons. Shop to decorate your house more uniquely.


So, from the ways to make and decorate the Halloween pumpkin cage guided above, you can save a good amount of money on Halloween night decorations. Hopefully, with the sharing above, readers will have more interesting information as well as how to do it. Happy holidays to you.